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ScrewSmart is a sex education collaborative formed to promote both individual and community sexual heath and satisfaction. Based in Philadelphia, it was founded in 2009 by three sex positive queer women who met while working towards human sexuality education masters. They came together with the goal of providing information and resources to a diverse adult audience.  ScrewSmart aims to facilitate a collective community dialogue that supports sexual exploration and health. They do this by providing educational workshops, hosting sex positive community events, and advocating freedom of expression for sexual minorities.  ScrewSmart works to build spaces where they can share our love for each other as friends and professionals while inspiring others to be engaged and informed sexual adventurers~


J.D. Ackerman, MEd is a new media sex educator and sexuality writer with a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality.  She works online, creating a sex-positive community with, a video-on-demand adult movie site specifically for women. 

With a focus on pleasure education and queer sexuality, J.D. spends her days making sure that every person is experiencing the most sexual pleasure they can, as well as baking, sewing, crafting and pretty much doing anything else that involves her hands.

Rebecca Alvarez, MSW, LSW,
emerged as a fledgling sex educator in 2004 in New York City and took the long and winding road to co-found ScrewSmart. She believes that the medical world has much to learn about patient-centered and pleasure-aware care and to this ends, she has taught as a Gynecological Teaching Associate and a facilitator for the American Medical Student Association's Sexual Health Scholar's program.

Currently, she works as HIV Mental Health Counselor and a board member to the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health. She spends her time wooing strangers with her degrees in Social Work and Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University, playing ukulele, crafting, and reading scifi.  

Kira Manser,  MSW, LSW, MEd started her formal career as a sex educator at a feminist run sex shop in Providence, where she helped open a Sexuality Resource Center.  She still keeps half of her heart in PVD serving on the board of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.  She's worked in many different areas of sexuality, including: directing a high school peer sex-ed program, as a gynecological training associate, facilitating small groups of med students for the Sexual Health Scholars Program, and recently completing a dual degree in social work and education in human sexuality masters program at Widener University. 

She's now starting her doctorate work to fulfill her dream of being a doctor donkey, and is working part-time as a trainer for Mazzoni Center.  When not working on anything sexuality related she can probably still be found guffawing with the Screws, dancing to pop music, or knitting.